The Warming HutBasecampThe BergschrundThe CruxThe Summit

The Warming Hut

This is where the rally to climb begins as the planning for the ascent must be clear and detailed. The Ascendian Sherpa’s begin the effort of understanding the desired summit and the path to be traversed. An analysis of the existing ecosystem related to people process and technology is completed to define gaps and begin to backfill the resources required for the climb. The teams acknowledge the goal and the chosen path where they will begin to embark on the upward journey.

BasecampThe BergschrundThe CruxThe Summit


The team is assembled; the gear and provisions inventory is complete as the team begins to draw their attention to the tasks and milestones ahead. The Ascendian team knows the challenges of the path ahead and openly shares their experiences as the climbers acclimate to the new environment. This is where the teams meld into one. Very recently complete strangers now a form a single unit with a clear articulated goal. All now know where the mountain will become steep and unforgiving. We celebrate together the first steps on the incline.

Warming HutThe BergschrundThe CruxThe Summit

The Bergschrund

A crevasse that forms on the upper portion of a glacier where the moving section pulls away from the headwall.

The climb steepens and the change in topology stresses the team. We pause to take a pulse on the climb and prepare for the next big push. Each member of the team is now respondent to the tasks of each other, they pull together to ensure that all feel the balance of team momentum. The Sardar takes the team to the Cairn marking the exact route that will be used to summit. It is at this location and for the next phases that each step must be exact. These steps are rhythmic and coordinated throughout the team.

Warming HutBasecampThe CruxThe Summit

The Crux

The most difficult portion of a climb

The project climb is reaching the highest point of ascent and this can be the most difficult time as you muster the team’s resources, equipment, capabilities toward the final objective. The push for the Summit demands focus and transparency in the team. One member can make all the difference to a completed journey or failure. The air is thin and the work difficult, but this is where the collective dynamic takes over as the team can see the Summit and rallies each other to the last and most important section of the trail..

Warming HutBasecampThe BergschrundThe Summit

The Summit

The high point of a mountain or peak.

The top is steps away as the elation from the team is palpable. The summit has been reached, the project completed, and the climbers’ flag planted firmly for all followers to see. From this vantage point, we recognize the significance of our journey and together seek our next adventure.

Warming HutBasecampThe BergschrundThe Crux