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Medical Imaging’s Time to Transform

Ascendian’s newest article featured in Imaging Technology News Magazine focuses on Medical Imaging’s Need to Transform. Healthcare as an industry has for too long existed in an environment of stasis, now with the rapid pace of technology, competition and exorbitant costs, it is evident to the patient, the competition, the government and the rest of the world that it must adapt to survive. Read full article here

VNA for the CIO

A top down view of what to expect from a VNA – Imaging Technology News Magazine features this Ascendian article and its focus on the hot topic that the c-suite cannot avoid. Unfortunately, and much like the overly used and tiring buzzword “cloud,” the term VNA becomes a nebulous descriptor when comparing multi-vendor platform offerings. Although a gut feeling instinct to drive or kill this new initiative is immediately felt (visceral experience), driving an “apples-to-apples” RFP process can become a daunting task of fine print and between-the-lines exercises. Others may defer to their existing vendor for the solutions that may leave them without the feature, functions or future capabilities they will need. 

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More Than a Software Program: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Discusses their Dose Optimization Program

Radiology Today Magazine November article focuses on the ‘Dose Program’ Ascendian completed for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia! It details, at an executive level, how this premier children’s hospital moved beyond an application decision and used Dose to optimize market strategy, processes, organizational change, etc.

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The Business Case for VNA

Medical image-object management provides an incredible business opportunity, but healthcare executives need to define the requirements, benefits and costs in a manner that justifies the investment. This article written by Ascendian Healthcare Consulting examines the what, the why, the ROI or Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA).

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