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The Dose Debate

Imaging Economics interviews Ascendian for “The Dose Debate” cover story – Neomi Mullens, Project Manager, quoted “Proactive efforts will ease the transition to and adoption of legislation as it becomes law, and they will have laid a solid foundation internally to readily adopt new policies and procedures. Ensuring the organization is engaged with implementing or revamping a radiation safety program will reset the clinical mainframe to provide the best practices for radiation safety and radiology practices.

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The Modern Healthcare Innovators

A wise man once said that the Optimist looks at the glass half full, the Pessimist looks at the glass half empty, and the Innovator says “let’s talk about ice”.

Creating value innovation within a healthcare organization can be incredibly challenging. Many organizations have undertaken innovation, strategy, and transformation initiatives with an attempt to increase quality while decreasing cost. Some organizations have been successful, while some have found it impossible to break the status quo. Although initiatives may be driven with best intent, aligning business units with shared interest and resources can stalemate execution. Ensuring that an initiative can be clearly defined by success criteria requires it must be fully vetted against business processes and modern technology. Therefore, Innovators look at not only the glass and water, but identify additional opportunities to enable success.

Pic from Dave Whitney postFrom the outside a healthcare organization may appear driven by change and great intent. But on the inside, a battle for resources and prioritization wages on. Staging the smallest initiative requires heavy lifting and political warfare to tap into hyper-prioritized resources needed to create success. Many organizations are challenged to break the analysis barrier, let alone attempting strategy, execution, and iteration. All of these components require intimate knowledge of people, processes, and technology. Without a readily accessible resource pool, creating a rapid and successful transformation is both pointless and wasteful.

This is where consultants enable innovation. Establishing a solid relationship with a consulting team steeped in subject matter expertise creates a cohesive layer between champions, initiatives, and resources. Let’s call it the glue which binds a successful transformation together. Deploying a consulting engagement can subsidize knowledge gaps by utilizing immediate and dedicated resources needed to drive success.

Assuming an organization has broken through the first stage and identified an opportunity for change. Let’s look at the overhead required to create a successful transformation initiative:

  1. First, consider the myriad of software vendors selling enterprise transformation across entire business segments.
  2. Now, consider how (and if) their products should fit within an enterprise transformation initiative.
  3. Finally, consider the resources required to research, recommend, plan and deploy the solution in accordance to success criteria.

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AHRA: Rads need to carve a role in ACOs

DALLAS–The accountable care organization (ACO) is an unknown for most physicians and administrators, partially because the government has not yet defined final ACO rules. However, radiology practices can and should begin to prepare for the transition to the ACO model. In fact, the push to ACOs provides an opportunity for radiology practices to re-imagine their businesses, said Jef Williams and Shawn McKenzie, both of Ascendian Healthcare Consulting, during a presentation Aug. 16 at the annual meeting of AHRA.

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VNA: Solutions for Medical Image Archiving and Dissemination

by Jonathan Shoemaker
Ascendian Healthcare Consulting

Vendor neutral archives (VNA) are gaining attention throughout the healthcare industry because of the advantages offered to medical imaging. VNAs hold promise of true neutrality, but many vendors are simply rebranding legacy third party Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) archives as a VNA solution. Others are providing a full archive solution that accommodates all data types and stores data in native formats. Understanding the difference between the various solutions and archiving methodology is paramount to those who are considering a VNA solution.

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Centura Health Evaluates VNA to Master Clinical Data

Case Study Featured in Imaging Technology News

Centura Health is the largest healthcare network in Colorado. Dedicated to delivering advanced care to more than a half million people, Centura strives for the highest quality and continuous innovation. To accomplish this, the organization needed to address its transformation and connectivity efforts across patient, people, processes and technologies — the essential ingredients when optimizing clinical performance.

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