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Cover Story- Enterprise Imaging/VNA

The decision to adopt an enterprise imaging strategy must be made carefully, across the leadership and governance structure, with representation by every stakeholder group affected or invested into this initiative. One of the critical steps is to clearly define the organizations interpretation of enterprise imaging. – Read full story on this month’s ITN Magazine

Yuma Regional Medical Center Optimizes with Enterprise Imaging Transformation

Ascendian has partnered with Yuma Regional Medical Center to modernize and optimize the organization’s enterprise imaging information systems and operations for advanced patient care and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)efficiencies. Read Full Press Release Here

Benchmarking VNA Adoption

Resulting article from the ‘VNA Adoption’ benchmarking survey we conducting on behalf of the AHRA and released in May by Radiology Management magazine! Although we did not get all members to participate, we did receive a significant number and given the response were able to construct the following graphs and supportive details reflecting an incredible litmus of where the market is regarding the Medical Imaging Executive’s understanding/role in advocating/adoption of medical imaging solutions.

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