Enterprise Imaging – Seeing Things Differently

Integrated delivery networks (IDN) undergoing enterprise image consolidations are faced with the challenge of combining various data and imaging silos that are indexed under multiple medical record numbers (MRN) or master patient indexes (MPI), thus creating a barrier for single longitudinal record access and visualization. – Read Full Article Featured in ITN Magazine

March to digital healthcare

Consider that these digital health technologies (fitness trackers, smartwatches, clothes, video chat apps, remote medical monitors, etc.) offer the consumer/patient/care giver a snapshot of clinically relevant data. This snippet of data is interesting, while it may not qualify as medical device data (FDA approved), it could serve to inform practitioners anecdotally as part of the patient health experience. As such, it makes sense that this information, while not necessarily qualified as PHI, should be tracked, managed and utilized within the entire range of clinically relevant data collected in the patient healthcare record.

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Staying relevant: Tougher than it sounds for large health systems and AMCs

“One of the most challenging jobs is being an executive in healthcare,” Shawn McKenzie, president and CEO of Ascendian Healthcare Consulting, said during a panel during the Becker’s Hospital Review 4th Annual CEO/CFO+CIO Roundtable in Chicago. “We have really smart people in the industry, and given the time and breadth to focus on what needs to be done, we can do it. Then they come up with something new in Washington, D.C., and suddenly the strategy has to change tomorrow.”

How does a 105-hospital system “get relevant” in every market? Click here to read full article as published in Becker’s Healthcare Magazine

Image Governance Drawing the Roadmap to Enterprise Utilization

To create an enterprise imaging strategy that works, health care organizations need a roadmap that shows them how to make the best use of the images they have stored. And to be most effective, this transformation requires not only the development of an innovative strategy but also the adoption of iterative phased steps.

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