How Do Radiologist Fit Into Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Ascendian Healthcare Consulting President and CEO Shawn McKenzie says that the differences go deeper than patient-choice issues. He sees ACOs using data more effectively. They have access to more detailed data these days, and they are leveraging that data prospectively. HMO data analysis tended to be more retrospective, reporting on what happened. ACOs are mining data for clinical decision support, using evidence-based medicine to promote appropriate care delivery. – Read Full Article in this month’s Radiology Today Magazine

“Deconstructing” PACS

Perhaps the biggest trend in health information technology today is the movement away from traditional picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) and cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) to enterprise imaging and data management systems. This migration is important, because it will fundamentally change how clinicians have been accessing images and patient information for the past 20 years. Ascendian Healthcare Consulting featured in this ITN Magazine article – Read Here

Benchmarking VNA Adoption

Resulting article from the ‘VNA Adoption’ benchmarking survey we conducting on behalf of the AHRA and released in May by Radiology Management magazine! Although we did not get all members to participate, we did receive a significant number and given the response were able to construct the following graphs and supportive details reflecting an incredible litmus of where the market is regarding the Medical Imaging Executive’s understanding/role in advocating/adoption of medical imaging solutions.

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