Custom Integration

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Our custom integrations include back-end interface modification recommendations as well as desktop Application Program Interface (API) integrations that tie your systems together. A custom integration must be designed to facilitate reasonable support, provide an upgrade path, and allow for your systems to actively share data that enhances your systems workflow, staff workflow and user experience. We analyze your options for the information systems you wish to integrate. We then work with your vendors to complete the integration.

Custom HL7 Integration can simply be a mapping modification that enhances or exploits a function within your information system that can be used to address a workflow process within your institution. Simple modifications can easily be implemented to garner results that help you work more efficiently and effectively. Desktop integrations are usually bound by a vendor’s API to share patient context between applications. We work with your vendors to develop an API that facilitates the integration between your information systems so they can act as a module to each other. Desktop integrations can be complex, but they must look and feel as if they were part of the original design. The integration needs to be tightly bound to the other applications so that the user simply experiences that it works.

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