Systems Specifications & RFP/RFI Development

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The failure of countless IT implementations can be traced back to issues and gaps in the RFI, RFP and Vendor Selection process. Selecting the right system and vendor depends upon a comprehensive understanding of the functional requirements of the workflow in the clinical environment, dataflow in the interdependent systems environment, and architecture in the hardware environment.

Ascendian has a very unique methodology for the RFP process. One that levels the playing field and provides a quantified selection. We have a long successful history of assisting our clients with the process of crafting system specifications and functional requirements. We do this through careful discovery and analysis, which ultimately ensures the solution meets the needs of the stakeholders.

You can review our thought leadership on this topic as featured in two articles Ascendian published in Executive Insight Magazine: Buying and Accelerating HIT Success & Driving Dynamic RFPs.

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