Why We Are Different

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Industry Expertise:

Healthcare is unique as the industry tries to blend the human element of care with the efficiencies of emerging technologies. Many HIT consulting firms evolved out of the information technology space and entered the healthcare industry with minimal understanding of what it means to actual delivery hands-on care. Ascendian was born from the caregiver space making our knowledge of the What, When, Where, How and Who second nature. No time delays in understanding what the desired result of technology should be. Healthcare IT initiatives are costly investments of both capital and resources. No amount of money or time can guarantee the success of your effort if it fails to meet the demands of the caregiver. User adoption is the gold standard for measuring the success of IT initiatives. Ascendian associates assist in discovering the workflow and informational demands of clinicians in the real world. Our IT experts will guide the build and deployment of your IT system with a primary focus on solutions. Backend architecture and systems integration is the easy part – getting clinical buy-in and use is what really counts. With our team providing real world insight, coupled with the engagement of your end-users, you can be confident your system will be used to increase patient care, streamline clinical workflow, and meet your business and IT goals.

Clinically Based:

Ascendian brings a blend of clinical, IT and business expertise to each client engagement. Our team of clinically based experts understands that the true value of a successful project is measured by outcomes related to increased quality of patient care, clinical workflow, and business improvement. Ascendian’s IT experts draw from years of experience leading enterprise Healthcare IT initiatives to help navigate your team successfully through the most difficult of landscapes. This broad expertise, coupled with our proven methodology, gives you the confidence that, together, we will successfully achieve your goals.

A Sustainable Approach:

Too often there is a disconnect between the IT staff and clinicians within the healthcare organization which is amplified by perceived competing interests between these groups. In reality, these interests can be aligned through collaborative discovery, planning and execution. Ascendian brings a team of deftly skilled experts from multiple worlds capable of engaging the project from the technology, clinical and business perspectives. Through balanced collaboration, clear success factors can be achieved that meet the goals of all stakeholder groups. Our proven methodology is designed to clearly define the end goal and create a methodical step-wise approach to completion. Understanding the end goal guides progress and decision-making throughout the project lifecycle and is imperative to success.

We Engage Your Team:

Collaboration at all levels in the organization is a key component of our methodology, because engaging your entire team helps ensure the success of your project. Stakeholders help craft the strategic goal-line, associated technical and human workflows and system build requirements for end users. IT staff will fully understand the roles and responsibilities of ongoing maintenance and administration of the system implemented, while executives provide the necessary support to meet the project demands and overcome obstacles along the way.

Case Studies:

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